Labour Day Chase, a.k.a. So, you think you got fast?

Monday, Septemeber 3rd, 2018, 9:00 AM @ Grey's Creek

There is no cost to enter for members of CMC, other runners are welcome to particiapte for the small race day fee of $10.

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Directions to Gray's Creek

9:00am - Gray's Creek - Registration

What is a 5k Chase?  The Labour Day 5k Chase allows for gender/age neutrality.  Your start time is based on your Age and Gender.  The first person to cross the finish line is the winner of the race.

The following will be the start times for the race.  The race times were determined by using the 67% for each age group from this age grading website.

Gender Age Group Start TimeStart StaggerPrev Group Stagger
Women 80+ 9:00:00am0:000:00
Women 75-79 9:00:45am0:450:45
Women 70-74 9:01:30am1:300:45
Women 65-69 9:02:15am2:150:45
Women 60-64 9:04:36am4:362:21
Men 80+ 9:04:45am4:450:09
Men 75-79 9:05:45am5:451:00
Women 55-59 9:06:39am6:390:54
Men 70-74 9:07:45am7:451:06
Women 50-54 9:08:07am8:070:22
Women 14 & Under 9:08:45am8:450:38
Men 65-69 9:08:49am8:490:04
Women 45-49 9:09:58am9:581:09
Men 60-64 9:09:58am9:580:00
Men 14 & Under 9:10:45am10:450:47
Men 55-59 9:11:30am11:300:45
Women 40-44 9:11:37am11:370:07
Women 15 - 19 9:12:16am12:160:39
Women 35-39 9:12:19am12:190:03
Men 50-54 9:12:28am12:280:09
Women 20-34 9:12:42am12:420:14
Men 45-49 9:13:21am13:210:39
Men 40-44 9:14:10am14:100:49
Men 15 -19 9:14:42am14:420:32
Men 35-39 9:15:27am15:270:45
Men 20-34 9:15:36am15:360:09

5km Run - 2 loops of Gray's Creek